Tips for Planning a Blue Voyage

Tips for Planning a Blue Voyage

Boat Selection: Boat selection is important for the comfort and enjoyment of your journey. Pay attention to the age, robustness, comfort, and technological features of the boat. These factors typically influence the price.

Air Conditioning and Season: Especially if you're traveling in June, July, and August, it's important to choose a boat with air conditioning. Sleeping in a cabin without air conditioning can be difficult during these months. However, note that air conditioning may increase the price.

Cell Phone Usage: When using your cell phone during international travel, it's important to manually adjust the network selection. Due to the strong networks commonly found in Greece, you may unintentionally make calls through Greece. Keep this in mind and manually select the network when necessary.

Luggage Size: Traveling with small bags is important to avoid difficulty in finding space on the boat. Transporting and storing large suitcases can be challenging.

Travel Duration: The ideal duration of a blue voyage is generally considered to be five days, with a maximum duration typically being ten days. These durations are important for planning your journey and determining your route.

Prices and Reservations: Blue voyage prices depend on various factors, including the route and the capacity of the boat. Generally, as luxury increases, prices also rise. Some boats operate on an all-inclusive basis, while others may have additional expenses. Prices may vary depending on the month of travel and the features of the boat.

These tips can help you better organize your blue voyage plans.